Petrosaman Industrial Group

Petrosaman Azar Tetis Company was established in 2017 by young and skilled founders and technological knowledge for production and processing calcined coke and with the aim of producing and supplying various carbon and graphite products based on oil and minerals. This unit was at the top of the list of large and small suppliers of steel, aluminum and casting industry. The desire of the mentioned industries to expand and develop, also the necessity to use Iranian goods caused the company to focus its activities to fill this gap. Petrosaman, following the principles of customer satisfaction, strategic dynamic selection, proper organization and employment of efficient and committed work force, finally led us to this corporation in 2017.

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Petrocoke Statistics

Petrosaman in a Glance
74630 Tonnes
Extraction of Anthracite Coal in 2020
45870 Tonnes
Production of Concentrated Anthracite Coal in 2020
25340 Tonnes
Production of Calcined Anthracite in 2020
6740 Tonnes
Graphite Electrode Import Volume
Esteemed Business Partners